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Alchemy consultant group is offering the following:

Alchemy is one of the only stores in the world with its own mobile app. This is a point of differentiation and offers a unique way to gain a competitive advantage.

We can build this for your stores!

Key Features:

● Browse Products: Users can browse products seamlessly on their iPhone. When the user has the app installed they are embedded into the Alchemy network, and feel a sense of community. Due to Apple guidelines we are not allowed to directly sell over the app, or display vaporizer products.

● Push Notifications: All users that have the app installed can now receive notifications on their phones regarding deals and promotions. Push notifications on iphones are similar to getting a notification for an SMS message. I have attached a separate email with video instructions on how to send messages. This adds another level to the marketing pyramid that no competitor has

● Miscellaneous: Through the app users can see pictures of the unique design, see a map view of the location, and utilize the product recommender tool.

This is a unique innovative solution that differentiates your store from the competition.

Cost is $2999 to get it up and running and $25 service fee per month.