In an unassuming building close to the Ontario Science Centre is your next and best cannabis shopping experience.

Alchemy Canna Co is the home of a weed experience like no other. As a dispensary, we pair innovative in-store technology with the unbeatable knowledge of our highly-skilled staff, so we can easily recommend the perfect products for your personalized wellness journey.

We are a celebration of North American and Canadian-grown cannabis, accessories, and merchandise. We stock the most popular Canadian cannabis products and accessories across a range of categories and price points. We’re proud to offer some of the most famous and influential strains of Sativa, Indica, and hybrids, as well as a full range of CBD products in North York and Toronto.

Prefer to click and collect? Then simply place your order for the best weed in Toronto, and come to collect it. You can also use our in-store self-checkout stations. Our shop is wheelchair accessible, and we have plenty of parking. 

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A Dispensary Experience Like No Other

We were delighted by the Canadian Government’s move in 2018 to decriminalize cannabis, but recognize that there is still a stigma around the idea of consuming weed for recreation.

Yet as our American cousins have shown us, states like California and Colorado have been able to widely celebrate the natural potential of cannabis in all of its forms.

Instead of a weed dispensary that feels illicit, we wanted to create an immersive and compelling shopping experience for everybody. Just as you can enjoy delicious food and wine, we wanted to turn your cannabis consumption into an art form.

And so the idea of Alchemy came to life. Join us to celebrate the incredible benefits of weed – from edibles to tinctures and vapes, in a place where knowledge is cherished and shared, and your comfort and delight are put first.

Alchemy Canna Co Flagship Store

Paolo Ferrari designed our fully licensed cannabis dispensary and is intended to be the perfect marriage of artistry, technology, and nature.

We’ve taken inspiration from natural materials, but included the benefits of high-tech applications to create a genuinely Renaissance experience. Our store is part laboratory, part cathedral, and provides a multisensory journey throughout.

What to know about the Alchemy Canna Co Marijuana Dispensary

Our Toronto Cannabis Store and home is about revelling in nature’s benefits while always being surrounded by science and information to back up the experience.

You start your journey in our plant installation, with a skylight that floods the area with natural light for our more tropical plants. Embedded in the walls are screens through which you can explore a little more about cannabis’ colourful highs.

In the heart of our store, we have provided you with the opportunity to explore the humble marijuana plant’s diversity. With cannabis sniff jars, you can experience the radical differences in the scent profiles of different strains while discovering which plant is right for you.

Our accessories room is a stunning space of dreamy possibilities, where we offer only the highest quality accoutrements – from grinders to stunning vapes and bongs. 

If you’re looking for help or advice, our friendly staff are on hand to help give you guidance and advice. In our checkout area, we will happily send you on your way with your new purchases. However, if you’re trying to limit human contact, you can take advantage of our technical self-checkout table.

Premium Cannabis in North York, Ontario

The scientific benefits of cannabis are undeniable, but many people find a lack of accessible information. The juxtaposition of natural medicine and necessary teaching is one of the challenges that Alchemy Canna Co is delighted to take on.

All of our staff are highly trained and have the Ontario legal store experience. Not only this, but they are all experienced budtenders and have taken cannabis sommelier courses.

So whatever your reason for wanting to buy cannabis, one of our experienced staff members will be able to advise you every step of the way.

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North York Marijuana Dispensary

The boost to the Canadian cannabis industry has been immeasurable, and there are now over 1000 fully legal and licensed dispensaries across the country. As the first G7 and G20 nation to lead the way in decriminalizing marijuana, we’re proud to be a part of this new stage in Canada’s history.

However, some dispensaries leave a certain something to be desired. We support the growth of the Canadian weed market, but we also want to advocate for a new way of experiencing marijuana.

As a fully licensed marijuana dispensing company, we are legally allowed to sell premium weed and weed-related products to anybody over the age of 19. We respectfully ask you to bring your ID with you to the store, as we will not be able to complete your purchase without this.

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

We currently have a vast range of products, from our own Alchemy Canna Co products to some of the most significant cannabis and CBD names.

Whatever you’re looking to buy, we likely have it in stock. From seeds and flowers through to pre-rolled cones, edibles, and topical creams, it’s up to you to decide what fits into your lifestyle most efficiently.

Come step inside our immersive experience, and leave with the satisfaction of entering the next stage of Canada’s retail and cannabis evolution.

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