Have you ever wanted to kick back and light a joint, only to find that you don’t have any ready to go? Frustrating, right? 

When they need to light up and chill out fast, nobody wants to have to take time to roll a joint. This is where pre-rolled joints, also known as pre-rolls, come in.

What Are Pre-Rolled Joints?

Pre-rolled joints are expertly made by professionals. They typically consist of a wrapper or rolling paper, high-quality ground cannabis flower, and a filter. 

At Alchemy Canna, you can buy individual pre-rolls or buy certain products in packs of 2, 3, or 5.

The great thing about pre-rolls is that they take all the guesswork out of your cannabis consumption experience. They’re convenient, portable, and excellent for beginners and experienced cannabis users alike.

When you choose pre-rolled joints, you don’t have to worry about grinding the flower or rolling it up tightly enough. You also don’t have to deal with any mess left behind after you’ve rolled your joint. You simply get to light up whenever you want and enjoy a premium, all-in-one smoking experience. 

Can You Buy Pre-Rolled Joints?

Yes, and they’re the greatest thing since sliced bread!

Most dispensaries, including Alchemy Canna, sell pre-rolled joints. If you don’t have the time or know-how to roll joints for yourself, pre-rolls are the perfect solution. 

How to Choose the Best Pre-Rolled Joints

If you’re going to invest in pre-rolled joints, you want to know you’re buying the best, don’t you? Here are some tips that will help you choose effective, high-quality pre-rolls:

Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Pre-rolled joints are made with a variety of cannabis strains, including indicas, sativas, and hybrids. 

Indica strains are generally more relaxing and sedating. Sativa strains, on the other hand, can be more energizing and are considered better for creativity. A good way to remember the difference is to think of the saying, “Indica, in-da-bed.” 

To create hybrids, different cannabis strains are cross-bred. A grower could combine two indica strains or two sativa strains, for example. They might also combine an indica and a sativa so the consumer gets to enjoy the benefits of both.  

High-THC or High-CBD?

Some pre-rolls are high in THC (short for tetrahydrocannabinol) and low in CBD (short for cannabidiol). Others are high in CBD and low in THC. 

THC is known for producing cannabis’s mind-altering effects (it’s what gets you high). CBD does not have mind-altering effects. However, it does promote relaxation and offers other health benefits.

Plant Sourcing

When looking into pre-rolls from different brands, take note of where the manufacturer gets their cannabis. 

Are their cannabis plants grown locally, for example? What methods do they use to ensure their plants are high-quality and free from potential contaminants?

A man smoking a pre-rolled joint

How to Smoke a Joint

Never smoked a joint before? Follow these steps for an amazing first time lighting up:


If you’re using a pre-rolled joint, your first step is to simply light it up (no messy or awkward rolling to worry about). 

When lighting a joint, remember that it’s different from a cigarette. 

With cigarettes, you light and inhale simultaneously. With joints, you hold the flame on the end for a couple of seconds to “roast” it. While doing this, be sure to rotate the joint so you don’t accidentally burn part of it.


Next, inhale. If you’re new to smoking, start with a small inhale, sucking in like you’re sipping through a straw. 

In general, the “low and slow” approach is best when you’re using any kind of cannabis product, including joints. It reduces your chances of taking in too much and experiencing potential side effects. 


After inhaling, open your mouth and let the smoke out. 

Remember, with joints, you don’t want to smoke them continuously (like you would with cigarettes). Pace yourself so don’t consume too much or overwhelm yourself. 


Keep some water on hand when you’re smoking joints for the first time. You might get a dry mouth or start coughing. Having water close by will make for a more pleasant experience and keep these issues from going on for too long.

How to Store Joints

If you don’t store your pre-rolls properly, you won’t get the greatest benefits. These tips will help you store your joints the right way so your cannabis doesn’t degrade:

Choose an Airtight Container

Always keep your pre-rolled joints in an airtight container. A mason jar is an excellent option, but they are fragile. You can also buy storage containers that are a little more durable and specially made to keep joints protected and preserved. 

Control Humidity

No matter what kind of container you choose to store your pre-rolls, make sure you have a plan in place to control humidity. If you let things get too dry, you’ll end up with a crumbly flower that’s not as effective. 

Of course, on the other hand, you also don’t want to let your joints get wet. This can lead to mold growth or make your joints unlightable.

Many cannabis and joint storage containers feature mechanisms to manage the humidity properly. If you’re using a DIY method, you can also purchase and add your own humidity packets.

Keep It Cool and Dark

Finally, keep your pre-rolls in a cool, dark place. This is particularly important if you’re storing them in a clear container like a mason jar. 

Stash your joints in a closet, a cabinet, a pantry, or somewhere else that doesn’t get too hot or get a lot of light exposure. Make sure your storage area is dry, too. 

Buy Pre-Rolled Joints at Alchemy Canna

Pre-rolled joints are an awesome option for those who don’t have the time or skills needed to roll their own. 

Alchemy Canna offers a wide range of pre-rolls, including high-THC and high-CBD varieties, to the Greater Toronto Area. Head to our online shop to check out our impressive collection of pre-rolled joints. 

See something you like? Place an order today for pickup or delivery (most deliveries are completed in 1 hour!).

We are also happy to offer a joint rolling service with the purchase of any cannabis at no extra charge. Contact us for more info!

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